Friday, June 11, 2010

Days of Our Boredom

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point since this was one of the WORST FILLER episodes of all time. Nothing was really accomplished and nothing was moved along. Confusing when compared to a regular episode of Days I know, but this time was bad because it was pointless and there was no need to see anyone.

EJ had on a very nice suit. In fact if he never gets changed, I really would not mind. Okay scratch that he needs to be half naked again. He threatens Nicole for the whole episode but he has nothing on the woman. Nicole can't figure how she ever loved EJ, but I mean girlllllll look at him!

Melanie sticks her nose in Arianna and Brady's relationship. Arianna says Brady is TOO SMART....that might make her the dumbest character on the show for that one statement. The best part was Melanie smacking Brady for being stupid. Victor and Brady also have words about how Arianna sucks, but he loves her. I say move on unless you both realize that you are Ethan and Theresa and move back to Harmony.

Bo tells Hope he's sorry about how she found out about the divorce papers. Who cares? Oh that's right NO ONE! Bo needs a good shot in the crotch and Hope needs a all you can eat buffet STAT! These two are so annoying that they deserve each other. Bo leaves to visit Alice, and Hope just stands around crying. She decides not to take her pills anymore, but now I want them and this episode made me form a drug habit.

Marie comes to see her mom. She, Maggie and Jennifer reminisce about Alice, holding hands. At least she left out the part where she had sex with her brother....although that story never gets old. If a guest arrives each day where the hell are all these people sleeping?! While I like flashbacks, the memorial is being stretched out to the point they want us crying everyday. However, that is not working since the rest of the episode STINKS!

Previews: Chloe tells Carly that she will not cave in to her self-righteous blackmail. Who taught Chloe what self-righteous means? Is it really blackmail when the fool who is threatening you doesn't want anything in return? Yeah, quit while you are ahead Chloe.

Vivian says to herself that Chloe will pay. So now Chloe is in trouble with Vivian? Why don't they just tell the girl she can never spray tan again. That will make her cry. Why is she wasting her time making Chloe pay? Get back to Carly and how much she sucks or something...or BETTER YET focus on the real threat named Maggie Horton.
Sami asks EJ if he still wants her. I wouldn't! And if he does can I make a special request that we see the condom being used because I can't take anymore Sami babies for the next couple of years. Seriously the woman is a breeding machine.

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