Thursday, March 4, 2010

As the Hand's Grab

Nathan runs in to see Melanie. Poor Melanie is laying there with bed hair, as if shooting her wasn't painful enough. Melanie is sooooo excited to see Nathan that she confesses her love for him. They must have slipped her some Morphine.

Philip and Stephanie are at the Java Cafe....even they are bored and wondering why they are there. Meanwhile Nathan was just dreaming! Awww poor Nathan. Melanie does not love him right now, she is actually agitated by him. He learns that Melanie got shot, and is very slow to process the words coming out of Melanie's mouth.

The Days hair stylists apparently atoned for yesterday's sins and did Carly's hair today..THANK U! Bo explains to Carly that Melanie is going to be fine, but Carly wants to handle Vivian herself. Because that has worked out so many times in the past...Buried Alive..check...shot my kid....check.

Daniel walks into the Kiriakis mansion like he owns the place and really lays into Vivian. No he does not kiss her, but instead decides to attack her with his man scarf. Daniel wants Vivian to drop the act and stay away from Melanie..the fruit of his looms. Vivian must have also gotten on the Stylists good side as her hair is softer and she's dressed like a true bitch!

Bo wants to handle Vivian himself. Carly then comes up with the super brilliant plan of pleading guilty to shooting Melanie. Even Bo of all people thinks this is the DUMBEST idea and gives her that sideways awwww shucks look.

Victor tells Vivian she will be put in the naughty corner if she tries to kill Melanie. Vivian covers her ass and Daniel put his scarf back on DAMMIT. Vivian assures them all that if she wanted Mel to be dead....she'd be dead. Unfortunately, looking back one realizes that ALL of Vivian's plots to kill people never really work out right if you think about it. Victor then smells the poo in the room and wonders why Daniel is so interested in Melanie. Duh! Daniel loves all the female patients.

Melanie talks about how shitty her luck really is....Just like Carly! Nathan thinks that Melanie getting shot is a bad omen. Clearly Nathan has never read a dating book/guide because bringing up a girl's gunshot wound will not get you access to her pants!

Philip and Stephanie continue to chew the scenery and continue to have the "what did I miss?" convo. They are both so happy for one another. So happy in fact they just keep smiling and nodding. Philip tells her that Carly is Melanie's mom....*whispers* I think Steph is jealous.

Bo thinks Carly will be proven innocent...because NO ONE goes to jail in Salem, for THAT long. Carly then gets all smart and realizes Melanie hates her and would never help her out. Carly's fate is in Mel's HANDS. Bo then says he is HANDLING everything. This is the HANDSY episode apparently....unfortunate Daniel does not have a bigger role today.

Melanie gets snarky with Nathan...BRING IT! She tells him he was a drunk moron the night before her wedding. Nathan thinks Melanie still cares for him...why she does is still a mystery to me.

Stephanie is still doing her O-Face to the Carly mommy reveal. Then she finds out that Carly is the one who shot Melanie...DUN DUN DUN.

Carly gets "mad" at Bo, and its in a cute way. She even gives him the "No No" look. Bo gives Carly a lecture on being a good parent and person. Anyone remember the last time he saw his daughter? yeah, NO. Carly says she is a curse on people's lives. I think she is missing the point that she IS cursed. Apparently sex with Carly has caused Bo to have sleeping problems. He walks the hallways at night...maybe he is just stretching all the muscles he just used.

Now starring in the role of Captain Obvious: DANIEL. He essentially writes it on his forehead that He is the father. He wants Vivian to stay away from all his daught-Patients!

Philip is still telling the story of Carly/Melanie. He likes to tell this story way too much. Stephanie realizes Nathan is at the hospital with Melanie and works herself up into a jealous tizzy. Meanwhile, Melanie is with Nathan and has a flashback to the letter she wanted to give Nathan. And cue the Hyperventilation of the Day.

Victor lectures Vivian in one of the best scenes ever lol. Anyone who brings up Ronald Reagan outta nowhere in a conversation is funny. Vivian admits her plan was all wrong and she will still get revenge on Carly.

Bo pulls the Zack story out now, like he always seems to do. He compares Carly to Melanie...way to kick her while she's down btw. Then he says he cannot imagine a future without her, but also mentions she would look hot in an orange jumpsuit. Now THAT's how you talk to a woman.

Nathan calms Melanie down. I personally want to know exactly what drugs he slipped her. Then he proceeds to stick his stethoscope in an awfully dirty place...and here comes Steph.

Bo works his manly magic and Carly practically throw the table over to get to him. BEAR HUG!
Maybe if there was a pool table they would have gotten it on.

Nathan, Melanie, and Stephanie all share awkward time together. Melanie realizes that the two of them were not only both out of town..but they were out of town TOGETHER. Also, Nathan had that "I just got laid" look still on his face. Melanie has that "I'm going to puke face"...just like I did.

Carly is at the PIER AGAIN. She is seriously having an affair with a fisherman, I'm convinced. Philip shows up to berate her because the whole town has a time sheet about shift changes in the "I Hate Carly" campaign. Philip really wants Carly to know that Karma is a bitch. I don't know how that applies here but very well then! Carly just warns Philip that Vivian cannot be trusted. I mean she cannot even do her hair, how can you trust someone like that!

Vivian defends herself but Victor ain't buying it. Victor warns her that if she's not careful, Vivian "will move into a big house with a lot of scary horny women" Victor just made jail sound like fun!! These two need their own NBC webseries: Cocktail Hour with Viv and Vic. Viv insists she has changed.

Daniel goes and leaves Mel's room when he sees that Nathan and Steph are there, even he is annoyed by them. Melanie lays on the sarcasm as Stephanie describes the weekend. Nathan is then thrown out of the room by Mel and she has Steph stick around for a little chit chat.

Bo talks to Daniel about going to get a statement from Melanie. Daniel gets all snippy and does not want Melanie getting grilled. I prefer my Melanie sauteed but that's just me. Daniel has like jock itch over the fact that Bo and Carly did not tell him he was a dad. He calls Bo..Carly's Wingman. Someone has been watching way too much TOP GUN..Goose anyone?

Carly has a flashback at the PIER. Its the Bell Ringing!!! Oh I miss those DAYS!! When Carly and Bo had sex on camera and Carly was a functioning human being.

Philip comes home and basically announces that he wants the crazy bitch kicked to the curb....Vivian btw, not Hope. Vivian looks stunned and hurt.

Bo stands firm he just wants to question Melanie. He pulls that Strong like Bull look and won't back down.

Melanie reveals she is not mad at Stephanie..WHATTTTT??? She wants Steph to tear up the letter, and Steph is like GREATTTTT. Thank God BO is here. He wants to talk to Melanie alone and gives her a creepy smile. Bo certainly knows how to charm the Manning women.

Victor thinks Philip needs to show some respect...wait when does that ever happen? Philip believes Victor is "STILL OUT TO NAIL CARLY" in more ways that one people! Vivian is all sad and agrees to leave. I'm ready to hit Philip over the nose with a newspaper.

Daniel finds Carly at the hospital and says she is STUPID. Carly isn't there to see Mel, she is there to apologize for telling Chole he was the dad. So she is stupidly at the hospital to tell Daniel that she made a stupid mistake because she was stupid. GOT IT! Daniel does not want to hear it, he's got a tanning session to get to.

Nathan and Stephanie chat about what happened...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bo tells Melanie what a stand up guy Larry was. A little murder, a little rape, Hey BO! Why are you scaring the crap outta Melanie? Does he tell these stories to Ciara before bed too? It would explain a lot! Then he talks about how Melanie and Carly are alike...they are both smart. Well I guess they are smart if you compare them to Brady and Rafe. The Hallmark moment continues for so long, that there are actually VIOLINS playing around in the background. Bo's point: Give Carly a chance! My Days point: Give Good Writing a Chance.

Victor lets Vivian know that no matter where she goes....she'll BE BACK. So we went from stealing lines from TOP referencing Terminator. At least they are good movies.

Philip gets to the hospital...jesus this guy walks fast! He lectures Bo for questioning Melanie. If anyone is going to annoy her its Philip dammit!

Nathan and Stephanie again........they need to stop talking.

Carly and Daniel are still talking. She wants to make everything up to everyone. I think cupcakes make everyone feel better! She also says she has to stop whining. I like this idea. Daniel does not think she has a shot in hell.

Bo pulls out........................................his recorder from the 80s. Melanie starts explaining what happened and then throws in a few lies here and there, totally minor ones where she blames EVERYTHING on Carly. At least we know now that Lying runs in the family!

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Carly and Daniel continue their PARENTS OF THE YEAR banter.
Bo gives it to Melanie!! .....get outta the gutter, he gives her complete crap for lying.

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  1. Hilarious! and so true about Carly runnin around doing and SAYING the craziest crap! :-( I want the old lucid Carly back, and yeah...why is carly always at the Pier? Stephanie and Nathan...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ INDEED!


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