Monday, March 15, 2010

The Bold and the Bitching Continues

Bo meets Carly at the PIER. Wow, who would have thought to find her there? He is annoyed at her for wanting to plead guilty. Carly is like listen Dude, I'm going to jail so the Vivster don't get all Wack! Really wish Carly's mini bumpit was more pronounced and Jersey Shoreish. Bo lets her know that someone is questioning Melanie right now...hmmm who could it be?

It's HOPE! It's always strange seeing Hope in the hospital and NOT in the hospital bed for starvation and dehydration. Hope announces she wants to talk to Melanie about Carly. Not sure this was the greatest approach as Melanie puts on a face that looks like Hope stole her Blackberry.

OMG IT'S MAX......meaningless. Although the man is hot, and eye candy is appreciated, we could have done without this scene.

Nicole is scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush...when she should be scrubbing her cellmate's teeth.

EJ is playing with blocks. Never have we seen in have as much fun as he has in this scene. Sami is grumpy and misses Rafe, which annoys EJ, who then annoys Sami, who snaps at EJ. Get it? Got it? Good.

Rafe busts open the Cabin door. Hopefully, when EJ gets arrested and caught they also charge him for leaving all the lights on in the Cabin. Thought NBC was going green? Conservation, People! Anna boards her plane while they are searching. The plane seats are bigger than the cabin dammit.

Sami talks about how wonderful Rafe is, while EJ just grinds his teeth. Rafe searches the cabin and finds a large amount of dust. Seriously, I do not remember all this dust in prior episodes. Wondering if EJ had the dust planted...either way that place needs a Swiffer Wet Jet taken to it like no one's business.

Anna thinks she left a photo of Sydney at the cabin. The ugly shoes she remembers, but the cute baby picture she loses. What a dummy!

Carly is surprised Hope would want to help her, considering that the whole town has been throwing burning bags of poop at Carly's doorstep....hence the PIER visits. She brings up the fact Hope is wonderful, which is why Bo loves Hope so much. Okay what kind of girlfriend brings up the fact her boyfriend really loves his wife? When I date married men I have the courtesy to never bring that up...RUDE Carly!

Max learns about everything that happened with Melanie. He wishes he can stay in town longer...which means the time away has made him forget the fact Salem is a horrible town that sucks ass.

Hope tells Melanie she is there as a friend. Melanie does not think they are friends, since she requested Hope as a friend on Facebook and Hope conveniently has not confirmed yet. Hope insists Carly was not trying to hurt Melanie, while Melanie insists that Bo is banging Carly.

The prison guard takes a picture of Nicole on her phone. Honestly found this hysterical and would not be surprised if real prison guards did this. She gets called Sweet pea, which reminds her of the kidnapping. Nicole is slowly remembering that Anna took the baby, and by slowly I mean the length of the entire episode.

Rafe tells Sami he is at the cabin. He wants EJ and Sydney there too. Hell, while we are at it, go pick up Will, the twins, and even Grandma Caroline to have them all look at a dusty cabin. Rafe plans the greatest family outings.

Hope gets back on the shooting subject instead of the Carly sleeping with Bo subject. Melanie says "Mama" belongs behind bars. Can we look on the bright side that she called her Mama? Awwwww. Hope keeps trying to get through to her but it ain't working. At least Melanie hates Hope too. The girl has good taste, except for the whole liking Nathan thing..eww.

Sami is disgusted by the place Sydney was being held captive in. Clearly, Sami has not looked around at her own home. Anna is upset she lost the photo, but insists if she gets caught, so will EJ.

Carly becomes a stuttering hot mess, and Bo is like shut up woman! Then he decides they need to make out. And WHOA Chappell pulls out the EYEBROW. What they have feels bed. He calls Carly a martyr, oh GOD yes she is. Hope interrupts them. She tells them that Melanie still hates Carly. Slapping Carly in the face probably would have hurt less.

Max visits Melanie and she jumps up and down. Then she remembers she was shot and stops.

Nicole tries to remember where she has heard Sweet Pea before. Um, I'm sure other women call each other that in prison. Then she fantasizes about Anna. Whoa, who knew she had a thing for Anna in a prison guard uniform.

EJ and Rafe have their usual pissing contest. Then a possible key witness comes in. His name is Mr. Toppits.........and the name in itself tells you that we are not going to get any good shit out of this guy.

Carly lets everyone know that she has to live with the fact that Melanie may not life her. Now in the role of Captain Obvious...Carly Manning.

Max and Melanie have their little catching up small talk. Max tells her she looks horrible..his opinion does not matter because his HAIR is horrible. Melanie insists that even though they are not biologically related, they are still siblings. Max is adopted Melanie....he KNOWS about this kind of stuff.

Anna gets panicky on the plane. To the point even a air marshal would probably remove her because of her yelping like a puppy.

Max tells Melanie he feels the same way about her. They are brother and sister no matter what. Who wants to bet in like two years when Max comes home, these two start dating?

EJ is ready to leave with Sami and the baby. Sami wants to leave with Rafe. EJ sucks!

Nicole does not understand how Anna could be the kidnapper because it makes no sense. lived in Salem...NOTHING makes sense there.

Max wants to defend Carly...he must have seen photos of her. Melanie does not want to hear it. People in Salem need to learn "EarMuffs"

Bo gets a phone call and decides he wants to talk to Gus more about Vivian. So he is leaving Carly and Hope alone. Good Move! Why not just set up the ring for the cat fight while you are at it! Carly tells Hope she is going to plead guilty. Hope flashes the "so you are a dumb bitch" look.

Sydney is smiling at Rafe. She figured out she is smarter than him and it was exciting. Sami makes Rafe stay so the gang have family time. Anna calls EJ about the plane problems, and like the jerk he is starts yelling at her. He tells her Rafe found the cabin, so this means Anna can start freaking out for an actually good reason. Anna calls EJ a SNARKY CREEP. um RUDE. If anyone is Snarky besides ME, its Victor. Respect the Snark people!

Max tells Melanie it would be wrong to send Carly to jail. Hmm I must be crazy because I thought I actually heard someone making sense on this show. How can this be?

Carly tells Hope that going to jail will be the best thing for everyone. Carly says Hey once I'm gone you and Bo can get back together. Hope counters with the big word "Patronizing." Don't really want to say this but Hope is right....ewwww I said it. OMG it hurt. Carly is being such an idiot though.

Rafe tells Sydney he will find the kidnappers. She wants him to stop talking and play with her blocks. Anna's plane is now fixed, so EJ thinks he is finally in the clear. Why oh Why would he think that he is not going to get caught? EVERYTIME he has a plan...he gets caught!

Nicole remembers the Sweet Pea comment Anna made a while back, when apparently Nicole dressed like a Maury Povich guest. DUN DUN DUN...Nicole got a brain and remembered! Let's Dance!

Previews: Carly tells Hope that "This is about what must be and what will be"......I don't have anything smart to say. I'm just as confused as Hope as to how Carly just pulled that out of her ass.

Nicole calls Anna from prison. Okay, how did she get her cell phone number? Why does Nicole have a cell phone in prison? How can Anna answer her phone on a plane? Answer: This is Days of our Fucking lives.

Nathan confronts Stephanie about what was in the letter. What a dumb bitch for telling him about the letter! And even when Nathan is mad..he still a geek.

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