Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Kinsey to Kill

Rafe is on the phone....Seriously can they tell us his telephone plan because with the amount of times we see him on a cell/telephone he must be sleeping with the Verizon guy to get good rates. Rafe does not seem to care that there is a Hurricane...PANIC!! Sami walks in and now we do not blame Rafe so much for wanting to go to a Hurricane destination.

Brady is on the plane and he wonders what he is going to do with Nicole. Well there is the bathroom, that little galley where the stewardesses stand....what else is he going to do with her? When Nicole finally gets Brady back....because you KNOW she will...she should sign him up for some night school or something.

Chloe is at the cafe.....one day we will catch her leaving the tanning salon I just KNOW it. She leaves a message for Danny...who is somewhere bleeding to death. Victor spies on her...he should have sniffed her from behind and scared her..that would have been funny. He lets Chloe know that Daniel might be avoiding her....loving how Victor insults people to the point where they might be driven to suicide.

Oh Great we get a Replay of the Daniel Fall heard round the world. Honestly at least Daniel had a nice ass because there was probably more of a bruise on there than on his actual head. Understand that he is hurt but the impact was not enough for THAT amount of fake blood all over the place. Melanie asks for Carly's help via shrieking and hyperventilating. Carly should have slapped her then helped Daniel. By the way...if Carly is his doctor...he dead.

Rafe just got yelled at for not calling Sami............at what point is she going to realize he is working to FIND her baby stealer?? Now EJ is Mr. Popular with the phone! Did these people ever learn how rude it is to carry a phone conversation while talking to other people? Sami is mad Rafe is shutting her out...It would be nice if he knew how to get her to SHUT UP!! Side note: her hair looks really good.

Carly asks Melanie to get a first aid kit...who wants to bet that the Brady Pub keeps whisky in theirs...it works in a jam. Carly tells Daniel to hang in there....really hate when people say that...waiting for the day when someone hovers and screams "oh just die on me."By the way I am serious about the lawsuit...the Brady's need to learn to throw salt down!! RUDE!

Arianna hands Brady a note....who the hell passes people notes on a plane? Are people to lazy that they cannot actually give someone a message to pass along? Brady know the pilot it seems..but does not feel chatty. Brady has his period along with Justin I guess. Arianna says he is lying and does not want to leave her alone with THAT Nicole....who may be drooling.

Sami does not like this whole shutting her out thing that Rafe is doing...so Rafe decides to.....shut her out. Good for him.

Victor and Chloe still talking..this time about the present that Chloe has. Victor makes her feel like crap...did I mention how much I like Victor? He makes her more paranoid about how Carly will steal her man. This slow Chloe conversion to evil bitch villain is taking to long. And RUDE by the way she was too mean to Victor who is her elder....just like her fiance.

Carly plays doctor with Daniel's head and Kinsey walks out...apparently they did not tell anyone else that there has been an accident. Carly tells her to go inside and her and Kinsey have a little bitch fight. Carly wins, but don't underestimate that evil Kinsey girl. Carly does not say the right things AT ALL...Huge Shocker there...and Melanie starts freaking out.....like her usually freak outs but this time she has a tablecloth.

Arianna says she is not stupid. Seeing as that is just too easy a joke..its beneath me to go there. She thinks Brady wants to see a catfight...well he is a dude and its actually the theme for Salem in the coming days...CATFIGHTS!! The women are unleashing the fury on each other lately. And the men are having their periods. She gets Brady to leave and sits by Nicole, waking her up. Okay a quiet Nicole is a nice Nicole...why cause trouble like that? Hope Nicole rips her head off.

Carly and Melanie are at Daniel's bedside. His doctor says he is stabilized which is shocking because someone was actually working at the hospital. Melanie leaves because it seems these situations make her queasy. She stares at the locket and has locket flashbacks. The locket is still ugly and gaudy...and it gets more screentime then most of the cast.

Oh noooooo its Roman. Rafe tells him about the hurricane...PANIC! Now they are talking about global warming and I want to set Roman on fire. Carrie is mentioned, and thankfully she will be back for at least one episode. Rafe says they cannot find Anna...which is a god thing because she just going to get thrown under the bus by EJ anyways.

Sami and EJ are talking and guess what??? THE KIDS ARE WITH GRANDMA!! Why on Earth would they be with their parents? Sydney is with them, because now she is the favorite...she does kind of rule though. EJ feels like a bloody idiot because of the Anna incident. I just really liked that he said bloody again...its not important..unless you have the hots for James Scott like I do. Sami is sad about Rafe again and EJ wants to know what happened....because clearly it is his business. He pretends to care and says its for the best that they DO NOT get back together. The only way that advice makes sense is if he had said it with his shirt off.

Nicole does not enjoy Arianna judging her. She mentions drinking for no reason and Nicole is an alcoholic after my own heart because the last time she had a drink was a few hours ago and she said it was a long time. Then she reminds her that she was a drug dealer and that always starts a lively conversation. Arianna recites Nicole's police record. Nicole mentions that Arianna was just subbing for her with Brady, because Brady loves Nicole. Arianna's insults towards Nicole just make me like her more...especially the lying drunk part. Brady was there for Nicole despite the fact she was a crappy human being. If that is not love then I don't know what is....that's what Nicole said as she held Ariannas hand and stared into HER eyes....WEIRD. Someone was in prison wayyyyy tooooo long.

Rafe feels bad that he had Anna and let her go......in the criminal way, not in a loving way. Roman then defends Sami. Sami can run naked through the town killing all the babies and Roman would still defend her. Rafe "owes" Sami an apology....when is Roman going to tell Sami that she "owes" Rafe a break.

Awwww we get a cute shot of Sydney...someone rescue her from these two. Sami accuses EJ of gloating because Rafe and her are on the outs. EJ just wants her happy....and with him, but happy. He does not want to see her hurt....he just wants to hurt her. EJ makes good points as to why she should not be with Rafe...too bad he is the alternative because otherwise I'd cheer him on. Sami looks all confused at all the big words awwwww.

Chloe is not going to listen to Victor. He agrees that Daniel loves Chloe, but he warns her that Carly has to be kept away from Daniel. Does Carly have an STD we should be worried about? Jesus! Chloe finally realizes that Victor wants her with Daniel because the alternative is that scary Carly lady....now she is a psychopathic murderess. How does Carly fit all these on the bumper of her car?

Melanie is trying to put on her necklace and then Carly comes over to help her....because Melanie is in NO condition to be putting on a necklace. Melanie starts with the freaking out crying and part of me wants Carly to tighten that necklace around her neck.

Arianna tells Nicole to go away....which is kind of hard to do on a plane. Brady has feelings for Nicole and Ari cannot change that. They keep fighting over Brady of all people and it's annoying. Arianna cannot ignore Nicole with her in her face. Did Arianna just technically do a play by play? I just feel bad poor Celia Cruz was brought into this. Brady breaks it up and Nicole wishes them a good flight. The fact that Brady and Arianna look annoyed makes me happy.

Rafe thinks it is dumb HE owes Sami an apology. Rafe wonders why Sami would lie to him....has he met her?? She does that with everyone she loves! Roman explains in his mumbling ways how Sami operates. Roman brings up that she trusted EJ more...RUDE! Sami defends Rafe to EJ and she is just happy that Sydney is back. EJ thinks Sami has lost Rafe...where did she leave him?? She agrees that it is probably over and how to move on. EJ suggests she should concentrate on the kids....yeah because she keeps misplacing them! and him....her RAPIST!

Does Kinsey really have to MOP UP all that blood?? Seriously he did not bleed that much....go get a hose or something though. Chloe walks up wondering who dropped something...Who drops their blood?? It is obviously blood you dumb bimbo. She tells Chloe that it was Daniel who spilled his blood everywhere.

Carly thinks the Locket is beautiful....someone else with no taste great! Look at the way she dresses of course she'd like the locket. Melanie explains that Daniel gave it to her, and Carly says Melanie will get Daniel through it. For some reason Carly comes up with the BRIGHT idea to say that this is not Melanie's fault. WAY TO GO!! THERE IS THAT MOUTH AGAIN! Why would Melanie blame herself before you put that idea in her head? Bad move mama!

Chloe calls the hospital and tells them to let Daniel know she is on her way. Someone is probably pissed she was not put on her special someone's emergency contact list. Kinsey feels the need to tell Chloe that Daniel chased after Melanie, but it was all CARLY's fault. Now can someone bitch slap this girl please? Apparently talking to Carly, almost killed Daniel. Maybe I am right about this STD theory after all!

Melanie is wondering why Carly would say it is her fault....That is what I'd like to know!!! Melanie says that it is Carly's fault...Because we did NOT see this coming. Melanie just said lots of words and they made very little sense. Just want to point out that this fight is taking place in a hospital so Carly could get those meds for Melanie that are always on the suggestion list!

Brady and Arianna are at the mansion...wow planes fly so fast in Salem...must be the time warp thing. Brady wants a life with Arianna and not Nicole. WEDDING PLANNING TIME! Meanwhile Nicole heads straight for the Booze at the Pub...but Dammit she ordered tons of coffee. Kinsey recognizes her and calls her the baby switcher....wonder how that looks on a resume?

Sami is jealous that Anna got to spend all that time with Sydney....well then stop leaving the kid alone or with your grandmother! She thinks Sydney hardly knows her, but EJ disagrees. Apparently "THIS GIRL" who we cannot call Sydney for some reason, knows that her parents love her....yeah and she also knows you are both a pair of jackasses. EJ then decides to do the creepy stare...YIKES.

Kinsey is fangurling all over Nicole, even taking a photo with her cell phone. Anyone else offended that Kinsey tweets and uses twitter.....this makes Twitter UNCOOL! Kinsey even wants an autograph....although even I would like Nicole's autograph so I cannot criticize her there. Nicole asks to be left alone and gets called a Diva by Kinsey.Nicole must be under the weather because the real Nicole would have bitch slapped the little troll.

Roman is doing his job and no one can decipher what he said with the mumbling. He then brings up Sami again, and this is borderline inappropriate to be discussing your daughter's love life at the station! EJ just apparently realized that he loves his children...well good thing huh?! He really meant to say Sami, but came up with that BRILLIANT save. Sami likes the EJ with emotion EWWW. Sami has to abandon the children again so she gives Sydney to her daddy. EJ looks like he has to puke over the fact that he loves Sami.

Melanie sits with Daniel and calls him Dad. Perhaps she is trying to make him sicker. The doctors tell Carly that the MRI is NOT GOOD! PANICCCCC! Chloe rushes in and apparently really does need a therapist because SHE CRAZY! Also she was severely out of breath and very accusatory that Carly did something to Daniel...whew that was something.

Brady gives Nicole a call and leaves a message. That was riveting. Arianna finds Rafe and tells him that Nicole is back in town.

EJ is still convulsing over the fact he is in love with Sami. He announces to all of us that he loves Sami....Perhaps it was the Ricky Martin I AM GAY confession that made EJ realize the truth. The cheesy piano arrangement made me have to pee. Sami....the object of lust...is by the PIER, where we also find Nicole. And LET"S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!!!

Previews: Melanie asks Carly if Daniel is going to be okay...not if you keep whining dude! Hopefully she keeps her mouth shut around the Daddy because he will already have a major headache. Maybe he can prescribe himself drugs to put himself to sleep.

Rafe and Arianna. Luis and Theresa. They kind of make a cute couple if they were not always related. Arianna complains about Nicole because she no longer has any more drugs to deal.

Nicole yells at Sami....Sami delivers a blow to the face. Let them go at it and for a long time!! This is the best part of the show. They need Emmys for fighting.

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