Friday, March 5, 2010

One Baby to Return

Daniel complains that Bo is questioning Melanie. He still does not want his daughter to be grilled. I hope its not Barbecue reference Day on Days. Carly then starts having her usual fits and is about to start her cryfest. I say lets all get together, grab some pitchforks, and start pointing and laughing at her at this point. Carly lets him know she will be pleading guilty to the shooting. He makes a conjugal trailer joke. When the trailer is a rockin' don't come a knockin' Commencing countdown Carly meltdown ON.

Justin meets up with Hope at the Java Cafe. Justin is wearing his leather jacket, because someone is going through a mid-life crisis. Hope talks about how she ditched her kid with some strangers and is bored. She starts whispering to Justin and I still have no idea why. Why Justin has a crush on her is beyond me...especially since she always brings up, guess what??? BO

Melanie tells Bo that Carly shot her on purpose. Bo wants to know why she is lying. I want to know who the hell dressed Bo, because that shit ain't right.

Anna still thinks EJ has not thought out his plan very well. This could be due to the fact that Sydney is now talking and can reveal the whole plot with finger painting and crayons. EJ is just excited about destroying his precious Samantha. It's a great love story when the man who loves you wants to torture you to know end.

Sami begins her daily flashback sequence. Rafe walks in and scares the shit outta her and asks what Marvin Gaye wondered oh so many years ago but never gets answered: What's Going On??

Justin who isn't at all interested in Hope, yeah its not clear at all, wonders if she has really lost Bo. Hope is like, HAVE U SEEN CARLY? Justin is like OOOOHHHHHH YEAHHHH I'd Tap that ass. Hope is still whispering and I'm beginning to think she is going to reveal SHE even wants to sleep with Carly.

Phillip is annoyed with Bo, Bo is annoyed with Melanie, and Melanie hates Carly who Bo is bullying her to defend. Melanie believes Carly will pay for what she has done......this means Carly will not only not go to jail, she will suffer some horrible a relationship with Daniel.

Anna thinks EJ is a moron. This was actually the scene. I cannot make this up. Literally it was Anna saying EJ's plan is dumb and cruel.

Sami and Rafe are talking about what a freaking basket case she is. Sami then hears her phone ring and takes a dive on it. EJ tells her that its over and there baby is dead. GOTCHA! Okay I added the GOTCHA part, but it would have been a good joke.

Justin and Hope are still talking, Hope mentions the long time she's spent with Bo, poor bastard. Bo REALLY loves Carly, in fact he's gotten over Hope a bunch of times. Hope has only ever loved him. I am guessing she has forgotten all the men she has dated..funny how that works. Justin says he knows this hurts, well then don't rest your arm on Hope's boney arm.

Daniel apologizes for dissing Carly. Carly says she deserved the cruel jokes, as she is the most horrible person on the planet. So, now CARLY HATES CARLY. This storyline just might be groundbreaking. Daniel then changes his mind, which never ever happens on this show, and says its good that Bo is talking to Melanie.

Melanie makes jokes, including a penis one! Bo should not be interrogating her because he is sleeping with the main suspect. I wonder what Easter is going to be like for these people.

Carly and Daniel come to the agreement that NO ONE is going to hurt Melanie...except maybe one of them, and they have that right. Carly is like WOW you are a great dad. Clearly, Carly has low standards. They get along for that ONE second and then Carly says sorry and LET THE BASHING BEGIN. Daniel thinks Carly should: "shut your mouth a lot more" This is the first time Daniel has told this to a woman. Carly then proceeds to tattoo this advice to her hand.

Bo tells Philip to leave, and he throws his hissy fit. Bo lets Melanie know that this whole thing is far from over, because storylines on Days last for years. Then he says she should be really scared, because she will probably face death about 3 more times this year alone.

And guess what. Seriously sit down for this. Carly is AT THE FUCKING PIER again. Justin shows up and makes a joke about not jumping. If I were her I would just to get away from him. He wants to be her lawyer, I think he just wants to get into her briefs.

Hope runs into Philip in the hospital. He complains about Bo questioning Melanie. Hope defends Bo because she doesn't know how to do anything else, and tells Philip he should be worrying about Vivian.

Bo continues to warn Melanie about Vivian. He thinks Vivian will try to kill her again, and why not because there is nothing else to do in that town. Daniel walks in finally, and hopefully he can end Bo's annoying speech. Mel orders Daniel to throw Bo out, so not only is he Mel's father, he is also her bitch.

Sami wants to know how Sydney died, but EJ has things to do so he can't really talk about it. Maybe next week if he can fit it in his schedule. Anna again calls EJ a big meanie. Sami starts the waterworks and EJ is soooooooo happy. Sami falls apart, Rafe has no idea why, and this happens just about everyday oh the days of our lives.

Bo continues to lecture Melanie on his way out. Bo gets on Melanie's nerves...*whispers* you are not the only one who feels this way. Daniel defends Carly and Melanie is annoyed. Daniel says he is always on Melanie's side. That sounded like a line from a Lifetime movie.

Since Justin was the one who pulled the ticket to annoy Carly for this allotted period of time, Carly wonders what is in it for Justin....I think it's the skeleton.

Hope explains to Philip that Melanie really needs to tell the truth to end everything. And here comes Officer Bo Brady. I think the only useful thing about Bo today is that when I play Scattergories his name is worth 2 points.

Rafe wants Will to do something, Will is confused by this, and now Rafe is also confused by what he told Will to do. Glad we got that all straightened out. Anna continues her rant, as Rafe calls EJ to ask why he made Sami cry. In all fairness to EJ that is not a hard thing to do. EJ says he is busy and calls Rafe a jerk. I would have preferred it if he had called him a "wanker"

Carly and Justin sit down and talk. Carly gets into a fight with her purse. The purse put up a good fight and actually almost beat her. Even her purse hates her. I think Carly hurt herself in that fight as well. Carly realizes that if Justin defends her and wins, he is free to pursue Hope. This disgusts even Carly.

Philip thinks its okay for Melanie to lie if she wants to. Hope tells Bo that he really is not the best person to interrogate Melanie, um wow YA THINK?

Daniel again insists he is on Melanie's side. And now he is ready to admit he was the sperm donor....I mean father. Listen he is the guy who didn't wear a condom and pulled out to late. Let's face facts.

Anna gets 5 million dollars from EJ. She officially shuts up. I would to.

Sami tells Rafe it annoys her she called EJ. If Rafe scratched his ass, Sami would have a problem with that too. These two need to take a break. Can we get a good coma storyline or something?

Carly and Justin talk about how she just might actually be RIGHT for a change. It is very shocking and hard to digest. Justin encourages her to accept his help and she seems to be okay with this plan...disgusted by it...but its okay.

Hope wants to interview Melanie, because Hope will poke Melanie with her boney finger until she tells the truth. If anyone can annoy a confession out of someone...IT'S HOPE.

Daniel says that he and Carly have something in common. I guess he forgot they are both doctors. Melanie stops him as he is about to explain he is her father. I am buying muzzles for every one in this town dammit.

Anna says goodbye to Sydney and she loves the little goober. I mean who doesn't really?! Too bad her parents are both crazy bastards. As EJ leaves with Sydney, Sami and her family are just sitting there staring at the walls. Someone please send then some booze, its a PUB!

Daniel stutters his way to finally revealing the truth. He did not wear a wait HE IS MELANIE'S FATHER. And by the way Melanie's eyes just widened it looks like she got an enema.

Rafe and Sami are sitting at their table and about to get all sappy, when who walks in?? You guessed it!!! its EJ with the BABY!!

Previews: Rafe wants to know how the hell EJ got Sydney back. Break out the Crayola crayons and get to drawing.
Carly and Nathan start fighting!! It is now Nathan's turn, thank god I was worried he would not get his chance with her. Spoiler: Little Theo will be biting Carly's ankles in the coming weeks.
Melanie and Daniel bond. I think she is wondering why is so light skinned when her parents both have darker skin tones. The TANNING secret shall be revealed!

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